Baofeng DM-1801 Dual Time Slot tier 1&2 Digital/Analog Ham radio

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Radio might NOT be legal TO TRANSMIT in certain countries, states, provinces jurisdictions, or on specific frequencies.  Please check local laws and regulations before transmitting with this radio. assumes no responsibility or liability due to misuse of our products


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FCC Certificate


CE Certificate

Certificate No. 18-212633


Product Specification:

Large-capacity storage to meet complex application needs

4000 channel storage, 1024 digital contacts can be manually programmed, 200,000 Ham contacts storage

DMO True 2-Slot Two time slots

Direct-mode dual-slot communication, enabling two groups of calls to be simultaneously performed at one frequency, to make double communication efficiency; while saving frequency resources

Rich digital signalling

It not only supports single call, group call, full call and alarm call of DMR protocol; also supports walkie-talkie detection, call alert, remote monitoring, remote dizzy and remote kill and short message data transmission.

Digital and analog compatible, smooth transition

Support DMR digital and analog two communication modes, ensure that the original analog products smooth transition to digital products to meet different communication needs.

SMS function

support for 64-character text messaging, text editing, and draft box functions. When it is not convenient to make a voice call, you can send a message by sending a message to the other party.

Excellent sound quality compatible with Motorola

This digital walkie-talkie uses advanced AMBE+2TM voice processing technology to achieve excellent call quality.

Digital encryption function

Digital signal encoding and decoding, improves voice call quality; digital encryption provides security for your voice calls

Digital alarm function, protect the safety of the team

Supports regular alarms .silent alarms and working alone in emergencies

Support DMR system, easy to interconnect

Support DMR digital repeater function, easy network scheduling and control globally through IP interconnection



Frequency Range

Dual Band VHF 136-174MHz &UHF 400-470MHz

Storage channel

64 groups, 1024

Stepped Frequency


Operating Voltage

DC 7.4V

Frequency Stability


Operating Temperature

-20°c ~ 50°c

Operating Mode

Same-frequency simple or different-frequency simplex

Antenna Impedance


Battery Capacity



133 ×62 ×32mm(Antenna Not included)




Output Power



Modulation (wide band/ Narrow band)

Analog: 16K F3E/11K F3E

Digital:Tier i&ii


Maximum frequency Deviation (wideband/ Narrowband)

≤5KHz /≤2.5KHz


FSK allowable error rate



Spurious power

≤7.5 W


Adjacent channel power

≤-65dB ≤-60dB


Signal to noise radio

-45dB -40dB


CTCSS/DCS  Frequency Deviation

0.7 ±0.1KHz/0.4± 0.1KHz


Modulation  sensitivity



Transmitting Current





Analog sensitivity

-122dBm (12dB SINAD)


Digital sensitivity

-120dBm (BER ≤5%)


Audio Power



Audio Distortion




≥62dB / ≥ 58dB


Adjacent channel selectivity (Wideband/narrow band)

≥65dB /≥60dB


Receiving current