Baofeng UV-5R Tri-band 136-174MHz 220-260MHz 400-520MHz Two way radio

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Radio might NOT be legal TO TRANSMIT in certain countries, states, provinces jurisdictions, or on specific frequencies.  Please check local laws and regulations before transmitting with this radio. assumes no responsibility or liability due to misuse of our products


Baofeng Radio

Baofeng UV-5R Tri-band Two Antennas handheld Walkie Talkie Tri-band 136-174MHz 220-260MHz 400-520MHz Ham Radio Dual display

Baofeng UV-5R Tri-band is a compact, ergonomically hand fit HT, which balances cost, functionality and reliability. It provides real 5 watts in the frequency range of VHF, UHF, as well as an extra band 1.25Meter. Can't go wrong, Baofeng UV-5R Tri-band worth it. Pick it to add your amateur radio collection today!


Baofeng UV-5R Tri-band can give you capabilities on 1.25 meter (220 MHz) communications, which is a portion of the VHF radio spectrum in North America, affording it a special place in the hearts of amateur radio enthusiasts.

This radio comes with two antennas that can be switched around depending on the band you wish to use. A 220MHz Band antenna is provided as well as one for 2M and 70CM

This radio compatibles with all the 5R accessories, including tri-band female antenna, programming cable, car charger, speaker, earpiece, 3800mAh battery, etc.


▶  Frequency Range: 136-174/200-260/400-470MHz 
▶  FM Function 68-105MHz (RX)
▶  Channel Capacity: 128
▶  Battery: Li-ion 1800mAh 
▶  Output Power: 5 Watts 
▶  Calling Methods: CTCSS, DCS, Tone Burst, DTMF 
▶  Scanning: Channel, Frequency, and Tone Battery Save Function 
▶  Low Voltage Prompt
▶  Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Setting 
▶  VOX
▶  Group Tones

CHIRP Programmable

Easy to program via PC, it supports UV-5R CPS software or CHIRP 

Tri-color LCD Display
A large, easy to read the screen with three selectable colours, the bright backlit and LED flashlight, allow to use the radio in dark.

Package Content:

▶ 1 x Baofeng UV-5RX3
▶ 1 x 7.4V 1800mAh Li-ion Battery
▶ 1 x High Gain Antenna
▶ 1 x 1.25M-Band Antenna
▶ 1 x Desktop Charger (100~240V Adapter)
▶ 1 x Belt Clip
▶ 1 x Wrist Strap
▶ 1 x User Manual
▶ 1 x Orig. Earpiece