A Pair of Transparent Waterproof Rainproof Bag Case Pouch for Baofeng Radios

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Universal Multi-Function Carrying/Belt/Neck Pouch Case Bag for Two Way Radio Transceiver 

  • Retractable rope. length: 60-110cm. You can hang on the neck, wearing on the belt or holding on your hand.
  • High quality, Radio is 100% functioning and operational while inside the bag.
  • Size: about 13cm body-wide, 22cm body long and 13cm antenna long.
  • Designed to protect the Radio/Walkie Talkie from rain, mist, snow and water. Ideal for boating, rescue, camping, etc.
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Can hold small devices like phones and GPS 
  • Radios for the demostration purpose only, NOT INCLUDED.

Package included:

2 x Transparent Waterproof Bags