Things Consider Before Buying a Baofeng Radio

Things Consider Before Buying a Baofeng Radio

Things Consider Before Buying a Baofeng Radio

Baofeng is a widely popular Chinese manufacturer. Before going through the messy technical specs of the best radios of them, let’s have a look at what you should be looking at in order to get yourself the best Baofeng radio-

Radio Frequencies and Frequency Range

There are three modes of communicational radio frequencies- FM, UHF, and VHF. For radios that support any of these frequency types, has their own range of frequencies. Take a look at the specification chart and find out whether it meets your requirements or not.

Power Output

Power output plays a big role as long as outdoor communication radio usage is concerned. Because based on this value, you will be served at certain times and with certain battery life. Most of the Baofeng radios have a power output range of 4-5 watts. Where some specific models offer 7W and 8W as well. With more power output, of course, the performance will be better.

Speaker Power

We can't imagine a ham radio without speakers. But when it comes to speaker powers, products vary a lot from one another. We especially suggest you stick to 700mW-1W of speaker power, based on the loudness of the environment that you'll be using the radio in.

Structure and Metallic

If your purpose is to use a radio for non-personal use, then the strength and sturdiness of the radio itself vary a lot. Usually, we suggest you go for the as strong structure as possible. Because that’s what defines how durable a product is going to be.

Ease of Use

The primary aim of buying a ham radio is to improve communication outdoors. A product that cannot achieve this or is frustrating to use will only let you down in the long term. To get value for money, look for the best ham radio that you can set up easily. Its keyboard and screen should be easy to use. Finally, buying a model with a programmable system is a good idea.


Baofeng radios are battery-powered items. Before ordering one, check the quality of the battery that it uses. Is it durable? What is its capacity? For the best experience, choose a ham radio with a powerful battery pack. This way, you do not have to worry about running out of charge when you need it most.


Ham radios are powerful accessories. Because they use satellite connections, they also work well in areas where cell phones lack connectivity. To get a model that you will enjoy using, consider buying one of our top picks. They are durable. They also have programmable systems that offer value for money.