How to identify FAKE Baofeng Products and Accessories (2) BF F8HP

How to identify FAKE Baofeng Products and Accessories (2) BF F8HP

Many times I was asked to match the price of BF F8HP on eBay, on eBay, you can find a bunch of BF F8HPs price range from $47 to $155

Fake BF F8HP

However, if you have ever owned a genuine BF F8HP, you can easily tell the “BF F8HPs” from above picture are FAKE!

Here is what a Genuine BF F8HP looks like:

Baofeng BF F8HP 


Baofeng BF F8HP  is designed for Baofeng Tech (located in South Dakota U.S) and Baofeng Tech is the sole distributor for model BF F8HP (even the manufacturer can not sell this model, anyone who would like to buy this model will need to contact Baofeng Tech, not the manufacturer, this explain why we cannot find BF F8HP on Baofeng's official 


the Fake BF F8HP is actually Baofeng UV5RT, we can easily tell the difference for the appearance of the 2 radios

Baofeng UV-5R

1. the package

here is the unique package of genuine BF F8HP

Baofeng BF F8HP

here is the fake one (same package as UV5R)

 Fake F8HP


2. a detailed manual from genuine  BF F8HP

Baofeng BF F8HP

a standard UV5R style manual from fake.


3. a larger 2000mAh battery from genuine BF F8HP (right) vs a standard 1800mAh battery from fake

Baofeng Battery

4.Unique Barcode in the battery bay from genuine BF F8HP (right)

Baofeng BF F8HP


 Find a completed distributor list from Baofengtech official site


Buy Genuine Products, Buy from an authorized distributor, Buy with confidence.


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