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Many times I was asked to match the price of BF F8HP on eBay, on eBay, you can find a bunch of BF F8HPs price range from $47 to $155 However, if you have ever owned a genuine BF F8HP, you can easily tell the “BF F8HPs” from above picture are FAKE! Here is what a Genuine BF F8HP looks like:     Baofeng BF F8HP  is designed for Baofeng Tech (located in South Dakota U.S) and Baofeng Tech is the sole distributor for model BF F8HP (even the manufacturer can not sell this model, anyone who would like to...

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Fake, NA771, Nagoya NA771 -

We've received lots of emails asking whether the products selling at baofengradio.ca are authenticated. Our answer is always a firm "YES". However, there are lots of fake Baofeng products and its accessories on the market, to identify FAKE Baofeng products is not difficult, most of the time you can tell a fake product by just looking at it, we are going to show you some tips here, hope this will help. Today, we will show you how to tell a fak Nagoya NA771 antenna. Nagoya NA771 is one of the most popular accessories to Baofeng radios, we import them directly from the...

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